Anne Johnson

Landscape Photography:

Creating an Aesthetic Composition


“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.”
— Anonymous



Anne Johnson is a landscape photographer and photojournalist.  She is a juried artist at TAMARACK: The Best of West Virginia.  Her photographs and articles have appeared in Wonderful West Virginia Magazine, Goldenseal Magazine, in internationally-known magazines, and she is the author of the Last Photographer book series.  Awards include first place in the Lightning Photography competition, and her Derecho lightning image was featured on The Weather Channel.  Anne is a member of the Professional Photographers of West Virginia.


Workshop Description:

Alluring landscapes are all around us, and this workshop investigates techniques to create photographs that reflect the richness and grandeur of landscapes and the intricate details of nature.  We will explore aesthetic principles relating to composition, space, light, and color, and learn the thought process behind various types of landscape photography, including lightning photography, astrophotography, and panoramic vistas.